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Road Freight Services in London, UK

Prestige Cargo specializes in customizing road freight services to suit your specific needs. With over thirty years of experience, we have become experts in road freight transportation and work closely with renowned trucking companies worldwide for import and export shipments. 

Our dedicated team will assess the availability of your freight, desired delivery date, and potential opportunities to optimize time and cost. Based on your responses, we will determine the best approach, whether it’s a direct road freight booking or our efficient road feeder services. 

We prioritize the safety of your shipments and offer ground transportation at or around pickup and delivery points. Additionally, we handle all types of cargo, including outsized, hazardous, or specialized shipments, while ensuring real-time traceability through GPS tracking systems on our trucks. Trust Prestige Cargo for reliable, competitive, and tailored road freight solutions. 


One Stop Service

Full door-to-door services from picking and packing to delivery. 

Global Destinations

Trusted logistics routes and services for your precious cargo.

Transparent shipping

Global 24/7 real-time tracking of your cargo, every step of the way.

Road Freight Experts
Prestige Cargo

Prestige Cargo boasts an unrivaled global network of offices, staffed with fully trained and accredited professionals, ready to cater for all your logistics needs. Our expertise includes coordinating road feeder services for import and export shipments, backed by longstanding, exclusive partnerships with reputable trucking companies operating extensive routes worldwide. From outsized and hazardous to specialized cargo, we handle it all with the added benefit of GPS-tracked trucks, ensuring continuous consignment traceability. 

With Prestige Cargo, rest assured that your shipments arrive on time, no matter the destination or timeframe. As an integral part of the supply chain, our road freight services complete the puzzle, providing seamless door-to-port and port-to-door deliveries. 

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