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The role of Prestige Cargo, as a freight forwarder, is to facilitate the smooth transportation of goods for our clients. We handle the logistics, documentation, and coordination with carriers to ensure efficient movement of cargo from origin to destination, offering tailored solutions to meet each client's unique shipping needs.

A ship is a large ocean-going vessel, using wind or steam power, designed for sailing and control. It transports cargo to generate revenue. A vessel, on the other hand, encompasses any floating object, including ships, boats, barges, or platforms, that can be steered by its own means or by others.

The difference between LTL (Less Than Truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) freight lies in the shipment size. LTL involves smaller shipments consolidated on one truck, while FTL fills an entire truck with one shipment.

The most affordable freight service is sea freight. Sea freight is often more cost-effective for long-distance and large volume shipments, making it an excellent choice for clients seeking economical transportation options while maintaining reliable delivery.
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Safe Packing

Prestige Cargo ensures safe packing for all shipments, prioritizing the protection of goods in transit.

Right Time Delivery

Prestige Cargo consistently achieves timely deliveries, meeting deadlines with efficiency and reliability.

Ship everywhere

Prestige Cargo offers shipping services to destinations worldwide, ensuring global coverage for their customers.

Fastest Shipping

Prestige Cargo provides the fastest shipping solutions, ensuring swift delivery of goods to customers worldwide