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Our Network & International Partners

Over the past 30 years, Prestige Cargo has expanded its network to include more than 120 representative agencies worldwide, ensuring extensive coverage and representation for our clients. We work closely with 7 independent airlines, recognizing the criticality of reacting swiftly in AOG situations to deliver required aircraft components to their maintenance facilities promptly. 

The renowned team at Prestige Cargo is known for their expertise and quick response to emergency situations, understanding the costly and brand-damaging impact of AOG incidents for airlines. In such scenarios, we provide rapid breakdown support by coordinating with aircraft suppliers to dispatch necessary parts on the next available flight, ensuring a swift return to airborne operations. 

Clients place their trust in Prestige Cargo due to our industry knowledge and rapid response in AOG situations, resulting in minimal disruption to the airline, its passengers, and the reputation and credibility of the carrier.