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Marks & Spencer

Client Challenge

During the late 90’s M&S were using a network of UK suppliers of clothing materials to support their production centres in Sri Lanka & Malaysia. M&S were experiencing delays in delivery and different elements were being despatched at different times. This inconsistency in distribution impacted the tight production deadlines required within the competitive retail sector. Not to mention costly penalty clauses incurred for down time on production.

Prestige Solution

Prestige applied clever thinking and worked with M&S production and suppliers to ascertain by type, quantity and weight the type of cargo being transported from the UK as well consolidate the logistics process.

They worked closely with the suppliers as well as the production team to devise a detailed and consistent multi model transportation programme to suit different cargo being shipped from the UK.

Because Prestige operates a small and senior team approach they were able to react quickly and apply the most time and cost efficient solutions each time. Prestige was able to accurately advise production teams on inventory and delivery times.


For over 4 years until M&S moved their production Prestige met the exhaustive deadlines that come with the seasonal demands of the retail sector. Because they also got site of the cargo they were often able to offer a quality control service if cargo was damaged before despatch.

The relationship lasted 4 years until M&S moved their production facilities elsewhere. The project clearly demonstrates how Prestige can offer that one to one service and expertise to any client challenge. They have consistently saved their clients substantial costs by providing an accurate and seamless logistics solution.



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