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Air Jamaica

Client Challenge

Air Jamaica operates a successful cargo route to the UK. However the lack of a cold storage facility at the Airport meant they were missing out on the perishable goods cargo demands from South America and the Caribbean.

As a joint venture project with a UK distributor of exotic fruits and flowers Air Jamaica decided to build a cold store facility on Airport Location.

Prestige Solution

The cold store facility was designed and built in the UK and transported to Jamaica for construction. Prestige was approached to handle the logistics of this project.

They worked in the following way to deliver a water tight solution to support a demanding construction schedule.

  • They worked with the client and the team of engineers and designers to establish size, dimensions and weight of each consignment to best determine the most cost and time effective transport solution.
  • They handled all documentation and clearance on behalf of the client to ensure a smooth delivery that minimized any impact to tight construction deadlines.
  • The facility generator was inaccurately specified and was too large to be transported by an Air Jamaica aircraft. Prestige instantly recognised this problem and their speed of reaction and knowledge of managing challenging cargo meant they were able to source a sea freight container by the next morning.
  • Prestige was also to advice construction team on a daily basis the breakdown of outbound consignments and their expected delivery times so that they could effectively manage construction schedules.


Because Prestige played an integral role in the planning phase of this project they were able to ensure that at the implementation stage there were no delays in construction. Their expertise and knowledge meant the cold store facility was built on time therefore incurring no penalty clauses. Air Jamaica transported their first consignment of 8000kg fresh cut flowers from South America. The implementation of this facility has enabled Air Jamaica to enhance and increase their cargo offering to now include perishable cargo.


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